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Getting to Done


Now available for pre-order!

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16 Chapters

Over 150 Pages

Action-Influencing Actitivities

On sale March 20, 2023

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1

The Harsh Truth

Chapter 6

Breaking Up With Perfection & The Imposter Syndrome

Chapter 11

You Can and You Will

Chapter 2

Understanding the Cycle and Psychology of Overthinking

Chapter 7

Mindfulness and Self-Awareness

Chapter 12

Progress. By ANY Means Necessary

Chapter 3

Stop Playing It Safe

Chapter 8

Stop Shoulding on Yourself

Chapter 13

Accepting Your New Norm

Chapter 4

Identifying Your Roadblocks

Chapter 9

What Are You Waiting For?

Chapter 14

Embracing the Doer Mindset

Chapter 5

Decloaking and Removing Expectations

Chapter 10

Breaking the Procrastination Habit

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