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Book Dr. T  to Speak

Engage. Educate. Excite. Encourage. Inspire. Discover. Direct. Activate.

The defining characteristics of my speaking engagements are interaction, education, energy, and encouragement towards action.  My goal in speaking is not just to talk to the audience, but to drive them towards something better, their dreams, and their goals.  We spend our time together to get them to realize what they already have can be maximized to get them what they want.

My popular keynotes are:

  • Getting to Done: From Overthinker to Doer

  • Authentic Vulnerability: Using Transparency and Truth to Connect with Your Audience

  • SheEO: Discovering Your Confidence and Voice as a Leader

  • The Real MVP: Understanding Your Mission, Value, and Purpose

  • Leveraged: Dreams. Plans. Actions. Follow Through.

  • Getting to Great : Recognizing and Removing Mediocrity from Your Life

  • Stop Dreaming Small: How Should, Would, and Could are Killing Your Dreams

  • Beyond Social: Building a Brand that You Own

  • Likes to Leads: Maximizing and Monetizing Your Digital Presence

  • Be the SMARTEST in the Room: Leveraging You to Accomplish Your Goals

  • and more...

Download my speaker kit for more information. 

Inspiring others to dream big, plan smart, and do more!

John Quincy Adams said, "if your {words} inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader".  That is what I strive to do with each of my keynotes and presentations. The goal is to leave the crowd inspired, hopeful, and ready to accomplish their goals.  

My topics are geared towards professionals, aspiring, budding and veteran business owners, entrepreneurs, overthinkers, youth, the disempowered, and the hopeful.  

Whatever the topic, the goal is the same...inspire others to be a doer!  Contact me at for more information, session/keynote descriptions, and to see my availability!

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